( Without Complicated Funnels Or Technology Overwhelm )

How Will Clients Discover You...?

...without REACH? Your content isn't GETTING seen or heard ON SOCIAL MEDIA. and it's only getting worse.

You are an Expert. A Coach. A Consultant or Service Professional. You've certainly paid your dues, but your story is getting lost in the noise and confusion of today's busy online world. In order for you to grow your business, your ideal clients need to somehow discover you and trust you before they can eventually buy from you. Yet the problem of standing out in today's noisy social media landscape seems to only be getting worse.

How do you get your message seen and heard above the noise when advertising is increasingly expensive and social media algorithms are actively suppressing your content?

...without results? you're working blind. you have no way of knowing what's working (or not) to attract clients.

Everyone seems to be asking you to post content online. So you join in, posting random thoughts—sometimes daily—to try to be visible. However, you quickly find that you have no structure for what you post. You start to feel that there is seemingly no rhyme or reason to your content, and you certainly have no way of knowing which posts are working (and which ones are not). Before long, the whole content marketing thing starts to feel like mere busywork and overwhelm than you bargained for. 

How do you know what content to post? How will you know that your content is being seen or heard by your ideal clients? And most importantly, how will you know if anyone is taking action as a result of interacting with your content?

...without relationships? you have no system for attracting new prospects and converting them into clients.

Everywhere you go online, someone is trying to sell you a complicated funnel or an expensive advertising program. Yet, no matter how much you spend on courses and tools, you're still left with a rollercoaster of emotions and a feast-or-famine business cycle. Sometimes, unfortunately, it feels more like famine than feast, and you're not seeing any conversion of prospects into client relationships.

If you feel like you're still on ground zero after years of hard work on social media, then it's time to go beyond the next strategy, tactic, or high-ticket course.

It's time for a complete PARADIGM shift.

Hello, ClientJam™

ClientJam™ is the first content marketing community of practice and feedback built from the ground up for helping coaches and consultants position themselves as the go-to EXPERTS in their markets.

"Dr. Pelè shows you just how much outbound marketing has changed and helps you find your footing in a brand new world of ideas."

seth godin


Invite and nurture new ideal client RELATIONSHIPS by delivering consistent content that connects with them at scale. Organically grow your influence over time with content that turns Strangers into people who Trust you and eventually want to see your Offer and buy from you.


Increase the REACH of your content. Get the benefit of increased social engagement on your content, which will dramatically increase how many of your ideal clients will see and hear you on social media. We all know that practice is the key to progress. Get real-world practice and peer feedback on your content within an environment of accountability and fun that motivates you to continued action.


See your content marketing RESULTS in real-time so that you can easily understand what is working and what is not. Understand and take action on the most important metric of all—your ideal clients' behavior. Track every step they take to understand which aspects of your content you should do more of in order to grow your business.

ClientJam™ Benefits

For the first time ever, solo entrepreneurs and expert business owners have access to the same kind of social engagement and content marketing tools that major companies have.

Big companies spend lots of money and call what they do on social media, employee advocacy. We do it for free, in a community of practice, and we call it Social Velocity, the key to boosting the social engagement and reach of our content.

Group and Solo Jams

'Jam' by yourself or with a group of peers, creating and deploying powerful content that will attract your ideal clients.

Peer Feedback and Engagement

Get instant and anonymous feedback from your peers or prospects on your group or solo jams. Watch your content get better over time.

Tracking and Analytics

See visually what's working (and what's not), so that you can continuously improve the impact and effectiveness of your online content marketing.

Progress and Gamification

Have some fun with content marketing! Watch how your content stacks up anonymously with other content creators over time.

Praise and Testimonials

Katherine Phillips-Parrish

Corporate Learning & Design Expert
Microsoft Worldwide Learning

Rob Howze

Co-Founder & Director of Production
Simply Automate, Inc.

Tom Ruwitch

CSO — Chief Story Officer
Story Power Marketing

Dr. Doreen Downing

Psychologist and Founder
Essential Speaking

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